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Taking a Closer Look in the Mirror – Dealing With That Bulge

The bra bulge, muffin top, fat rolls, and love handles are all directly or indirectly associated with excessive back fat. For men, the latter two are generally somewhat easier to hide or can at least be intentionally avoided on a day-to-day basis. On the other hand, women are typically strapping on bras each morning and those with back fat are forced to reckon with the dreaded bra bulge. For both men and women, seeing these undesirable bulges and folds can be demoralizing and concerning. However, this discomfort can also be positively galvanizing if it drives you to find a solution. Before we dive into our methods for how to get rid of back fat, let’s take a closer look at what causes this adipose buildup.

A bra roll occurs when fat protrudes over and under the bra strap, as well as to the sides. Utilizing micro-liposuction, these pockets of fat are precisely sculpted and smoothed, accomplishing what diet and exercise couldn’t – the ability to feel comfortable in your clothes knowing that you look your absolute best.

Bra fat rolls, or back fat rolls, are sagging areas of fat that are prominent in the upper back. The sagging fat tissue is most apparent directly beneath a woman’s bra line. Fat rolls are something that tend to normally occur as a result of aging and they typically cannot be eliminated with exercise or dietary habits alone.

Unless you are an athlete or a hardcore fitness freak, it is completely normal to experience sagging back fat as you age. There a wide variety of ways to remove back fat rolls depending on the amount of fat a person has.


Liposuction is probably the most popular way to remove fat rolls and with good reason. Liposuction is used to contour specific areas of the body by removing excess or additional fat cells through small tubes. The type of liposuction used is typically dependent on the patient’s need and budget.

Tumescent liposuction is the most popular form of fat removal as the treatment area in this procedure typically requires a lot of finesse. Liposuction is typically performed under general anesthesia. In cases where a great deal of fat needs to be removed, liposuction can be performed in tandem with skin excisions to achieve the best possible results.


The most popular skin excision tool is the bra line back lift, which is a surgical method to remove the excess back rolls of a patient. The result of this procedure is typically permanent. In order to opt for such a procedure, you need to be a good candidate.

A good candidate needs to have good general health levels, stable weight levels in the months leading to the surgery, and be unaffected by the administration of anesthesia. Smokers are typically advised to quit a month before the surgery, Dr. Lynch will provide you with a list of dos and don’ts to follow in the months leading to the surgery.

The surgery is normally performed under general anesthesia. Dr. Lynch will make incisions in the targeted area and remove the fat deposits, excising the fat in the area. After excision, the back skin will be reconnected in a tighter fashion before the incisions are closed.

Armpit Fat Liposuction

A common question that a lot of our patients have is, “Can this armpit fat be exercised away?” Unfortunately,  the answer is no. Even though countless exercise programs claim to help you “tone” the armpit area, but truthfully, that excess fat really just needs suctioning out so it’s gone forever (once the fat cells are removed, they can no longer come back). You can’t tone away the axillary roll.

Common Causes Of Fat Under The Arms:

  • Poor muscle tone, resulting in more sagging.
  • Excess skin following major weight loss.
  • Accessory (axillary) breast tissue, which can grow along the milk lines in the armpit region as well as hormonal fluctuation.
  • Continuous wearing of a incorrect bra, that pushes your skin and breast tissue out and around the straps.

Dr. Lynch can provide you with the best options to remove this annoying fat.

Armpit liposuction is performed under anesthesia. Dr. Lynch uses a cannula tube to drain the fat through small incisions your armpit areas. Fat is removed by 1-2 tiny incisions (2-3 millimeters) hidden in each armpit crease or near the fold under the breasts. The overall effect looks awesome when combined with a

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