Topix Skin Care

As we age our skin thins and weakens. The outer layer of cells gets drier and begins to “cake up”, creating a duller, paler look.


Topix skin products free up the dry adherent cells helping to reveal the deeper, shinier layer. The dull hue is gradually replaced by a younger “rosier” surface appearance. Additionally, these products thicken and rejuvenate the underlying collagen, much like weight lifting affects muscle fibers. The results continue to improve for many months. Ultimately the skin tightens and fine lines soften. It’s important to stick with it. The peak effects takes time and the benefits gradually fade when skin care is discontinued.

Topix strives to advance the science behind healthy, beautiful skin. Using some of the most advanced and effective anti-aging ingredients, Topix has created several skin care lines with unique, customizable formulations that make it easy to mix and match and create the ultimate beauty routine.

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