BIGGER Isn’t Always Better..

But LIP SHAPING can make all the difference!

This cosmetic filler offers a lot of new surprises!

At Lynch Plastic Surgery, We Love Lips! With that said, Washingtonian TOP Doctor, Board Certified,  Dr. Sheilah A. Lynch would love to give  every patient the lips of their dreams.

To achieve this kissable goal, Dr. Lynch has partnered with Revanesse to bring you Revanesse Versa is an elegant, long lasting lip filler.

This new incredible injectable cosmetic filler is also used to correct facial wrinkles and creases.
Thanks to the high-quality formula, REVANESSE® VERSA gives you a more precise application than other fillers, therefore providing you with smoother and more natural-looking results.

The REVANESSE® VERSA filler formula was designed to be precisely balanced with your skin’s natural water content. This means when REVANESSE® VERSA is injected, it does not release or absorb surrounding water, minimizing the risk of over or under treatment.

Chevy Chase Lip Injections

VERSA Lip Injections

For the past decade, Versa shines as one of the top fillers in Europe and Japan. It is now available and becoming increasingly popular in America, as more beautiful lips emerge! 

 MOVE OVER – Juvederm or Restylane as this hyaluronic acid filler has ideal characteristics for creating beautiful, natural lips. Versa also exhibits exceptionally high purity which results in it having the least amount of swelling of any cosmetic filler. 

Instantly adds volume to plump your lips, smooth lip lines, with minimal to no downtime, with a natural look and feel. Natural & beautiful results you want.

Benefits of using REVANESSE® VERSA

  • Next to No Swelling
  • No downtime – resume your normal activities right after injections
  • Used in most areas of your face
  • Lasts longer than other fillers, re-absorption is more even & gradual
  • FDA approved and contains no animal products

What Sets REVANESSE® VERSA Apart From The Others?

All cosmetic fillers have a wide range of beauty enhancing capabilities—they can lift, smooth, and plump deficient areas for a more streamlined and defined youthful appearance. With all the options available, finding one that gives you the look and longevity that works for you can be overwhelming. VERSA, is the newest hyaluronic acid-based filler offering a big advantage over the some of the most tried-and-true injectables out there, because it doesn’t cause nearly as much post-injection swelling or bruising. And clinic studies show it lasts longer than most.

 VERSA, cosmetic filler received FDA approval and launched in January 2018. VERSA uses a special highly controlled wet milling technology that is basically the manufacturing process behind the gel. In clinical trials, VERSA was shown to produce less swelling than other fillers, which can cause 24% more swelling—and less swelling equals less downtime, a big plus to our patients.

REVANESSE® VERSA, restores the lost volume and smoothness to include:

  • Lips
  • Cheeks
  • Nasolabial Folds
  • Glabella (in between eyes)
  • Tear Troughs (under eyes)

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