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The mommy makeover procedure can be several surgical treatments, all intended to address and reverse the unwanted body changes incurred by child birth.

Weight gain is typical due to both water retention, which declines after pregnancy. The difference, true weight gain, which is due to storage of fat across the body.

Plastic surgery does not have an answer for increases in water weight or the fat that is accumulated inside the upper and lower abdominal areas.

Only the external or under the skin fat can be removed by Liposuction. Clients should be mindful that Liposuction in Maryland is not an operation for weight loss, rather we use this procedure not only to remove fat from localized body areas such as the arms, legs, chins, abdomen, inner and outer thighs, hips and bra rolls.

As a result of weight gain, arms become unusually large–volumetrically. The fat storage can be treated with Liposuction. It will be dependent on if the arm skin is not too stretched, in which case an Arm Lift or Arm Tuck might be more beneficial.

Bulging or fat deposits around the abdomen with overstretched, hanging skin laxity are the damaging effects on the body. Some clients notice the abdominal skin and muscles become less tight as a result of the expansion effects of pregnancy.

The abdominal muscles become weak and the sagging tummy skin is best treated by Abdominoplasty, this procedure is best known as a Tummy Tuck.

The breast expansion during pregnancy effects the skin above and below the chest. This expansion of breast tissue is typically followed by shrinkage of breast tissue–this is what causes deflated and sagging breasts.

In many women, breasts can be lifted and enlarged by methods of Breast Augmentation and possibly an Internal Breast Lift.

Breast volume can be reduced in size, which yields to perkier breasts. This can decrease back pain in many patients.

Our mommy makeover procedures may need one or a combination of mommy makeover surgical recommendations.

Any mom can benefit from a mommy makeover procedure in Maryland. This determination can only be considered after a plastic surgery consultation and proper examination.

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