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Lip Injections? How to Tell

How to Tell… What People Think

There’s an endless amount of interest in every Kardashian, and the lip injection craze is no exception to that rule.

Everyone’s looking for that Kylie Jenner pout, but everyone’s also a bit wary that the pout might be a bit too obvious to friends, family and gossipy coworkers.

A couple of intrepid doctors decided to put it directly to the test. But what they did might not be what you think.

Instead of showing pictures to people and seeing whether people could determine real from fake, they showed them digitally altered photos.

Why? They wanted to know when people perceived the lips as fake.

All About the Ratios

Like CGI and the uncanny valley, your brain has ways of determining when something looks a bit… off.

One of the ways it does that is ratios. Think of the ratio of Barbie’s waist to hip and you get the idea.

For half the people, if the lower lip vs. upper lip ratio fell outside of .92 to 1.48, they looked fake.

For the other half of even harsher critics, that ratio had even smaller margins of error: from .85 to 1.00.

Which Means Get ‘Em Both Done, Baby!

The amazing thing about all this was that enlarging both lips was a much better strategy for fooling participants in the study.

The easiest way to clue people in was to augment just the top lip. But when both lips were enlarged, and ratios were maintained, then people had a much harder time deciding.

No two pairs of lips are the same, and anyone looking to get lip injections should consult with a professional who’s willing to give them the time and attention they deserve to get just the right look.

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