Maryland Expert Lip Injections

Dr. Sheilah A. Lynch, Is One Of Maryland’s Leading Lip Injectors
for Natural, Long Lasting Lip Filler Injections.

⁣⁣(Approved by the FDA for lips specifically!)
Revanesse uses a unique technology to create this filler.  It can be injected easier, feels more natural, simple to
shape & won’t break down and disappear as quickly as other fillers!

Exclusively Available At Our Practice!


What Are Lip Injections?

Are you interested in smoother, softer lips? A sultry, sexy smile achieved by adding fullness to your pout? Most Lip Gel Injections are made from substance called  hyaluronic acid. This natural compound is commonly used for non-surgical lip augmentation to enhance lips as well as other areas of the face, neck and hands. This is a great option to correct thinning lips, lines around the lips by adding volume that has been lost or was nonexistent. Due to the softness and smoothness of cosmetic lip gel, lip injections are  easier and more comfortable than ever. Washingtonian Recommended Dr. Sheilah A. Lynch is a highly regarded facial / neck restoration expert, and has been noted to be on the cutting edge of this new,unique cosmetic gel injection technology for providing patients with plump, full lips to round out their perfect smile.

Do you have lip lines or fine lines around the lips?

Lips Injections are FDA approved and are especially created to rejuvenate the mouth area. Cosmetic gel fillers can plump and smooth out the finest lines and give you a more polished, youthful appearance. If you’ve ever been frustrated by lipstick that bleeds around your lips, receiving lip injections could be a great choice for  you! To make you more comfortable, Dr. Lynch can provide a topical as well as an injectable numbing agent to insure your lip augmentation is quick and virtually painless. In less than 30 minutes you will have fuller, smoother and more youthful-looking lips. and guess what? NO MORE LINES!!
Lip Injections

Looking for natural-looking, more youthful and balanced lips?

Lip injections provide a subtle enhancement of your lips. The skill of the injector plays a major part in the end result.
Trust Dr. Sheilah Lynch with your injections. You will enjoy the subtle lip augmentation that help you feel more confident.

Is there downtime with lip fillers?

Immediately post-injection you will see a nice result. In the next 24-48 hours you may experience some swelling or  possibly bruising associated with the injections. It is important to stop Aspirin, NSAIDs, vitamin E and fish oil 48 hours in advance to avoid bruising. Swelling should resolve within 48 hours. Bruising usually resolves in a few days as well. Makeup can be used to cover up any issues you may experience. ASK US ABOUT: Lip Injections, Using The New RHA Collection Filler, its longer lasting, less swelling, offered by Bethesda & Washingtonian Top Doctor, Recommended Facial Specialist, Dr. Sheilah A. Lynch. 
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