Cosmetic Filler Cheek Balancing

When you take a look in any of today’s beauty magazines, it seems that every model has full and prominent cheeks.

Having well defined cheeks, has been considered more youthful and appealing for years. Fullness to the mid-facial region lifts the lower region giving you a better balance to your overall appearance.

Non-surgical cheek augmentation is a revolutionary new treatment. Sometimes described as a cheek implant in a syringe, it provides cheek sculpting without the downtime and healing of surgery. Most patients who get cheek enhancement are divided into two groups.

1. For more defined beauty when you are 21 – 35
If you have poorly defined or flat cheekbones, you may want to achieve more refined and sculpted cheekbones. High cheekbones are traditionally associated with balance and beauty of the face. This procedure is virtually painless and can add contour and volume to your face.

2. For more youthful, less tired look when you are 35 +
With age or weight loss, if you have lost volume around the cheek area, this is an instant solution to regain your youthful face. High cheek bones support and uplift the skin and muscles of the face, assisting in the prevention of a premature aged appearance. Restoring cheek volume provides a rejuvenated youthful and less tired look to the face. Even if in your 20’s you never had full cheeks, this is a great way to look younger.

This quick non-surgical treatment provides immediate and long lasting results.
With the recent introduction of cosmetic fillers such as Radiesse or Juvederm, Dr. Sheilah Lynch has non-surgical options to help you if your wish is to have more prominent, fuller cheeks. Besides the immediate effect of the procedure, this technique for augmenting the cheeks can be performed in the her office and requires minimal down time.

By injecting a cosmetic filler to enhance your cheeks, this procedure has minimal discomfort and can be done in about 15 – 20 minutes.

Dr. Lynch Offers Other Non-Surgical Approaches to the Face:

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