Alle’ (Formally Brilliant Distinctions)

It’s Time To Convert Your Brilliant Distinctions Rewards Membership To ALLE’

Washingtonian TOP Doctor, Sheilah A. Lynch, MD would love to save you money!
Transfer your existing Brilliant Distinctions Membership to the new ALLE’. Not a member? Join Alle.
Still using Brilliant Distinctions®? Merge Account with Alle’
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It’s easy to become a ALLE’ ( Formerly Brilliant Distinctions Member:


Step 2: Create your profile

*Your phone number and password, is all you will need every time to access your account.

Save on your next purchase of any Allergan Products! You can use your new ALLE’ membership to save on BOTOX, Juvederm, Latisse, Voluma

It’s All About Your Points

Forget what you know about rewards. After your upgrade to Allē, automatically your Brilliant Distinctions® rewards will been converted into points, your currency on Allē. 100 points is the equivalent of $10. So, if you had a $50 reward in Brilliant Distinctions®, it will be replaced with 500 points in Allē.

Points Last Longer

When life gets busy, and between running around for work, your family responsibilities, not to mention a social life, sometimes it can be hard to find the time to use all the points you’ve earned. But with Allē, you have more time to redeem: Your ooints are valid for 12 months after they were earned (with Brilliant Distinctions®, you only had nine months). Plus, every time you earn on an Allē treatment, all of the points in your Wallet get extended for another year (even those that are just about to expire!) WOW!!!

Advantages Of  Your New ALLE’ Membership

After making your next appointment, it’s important to let our staff know you are a ALLE’ member. So when you purchase Latisse, or have a BOTOX or Juvederm treatment, you receive  points towards future purchases.

Just before you come to your next appointment with us, please log in your ALLE’ account to see what points available to cash in.

Serious Savings Without The Fuss!

To make things simple, you will no longer need to convert your points into rewards coupons to redeem. Just tap into your Allē Wallet to review all the points you’ve earned. ALLE’ has cut down the confusion and clutter, it also reduces checkout time at our office — just let us know how many points you want to use at checkout for your instant savings. Points can be used in increments of 100, and you can apply as many points as you’d like, up to the total cost of your procedure. IMAGINE THAT!


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