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How Plastic Surgery Has Changed Over the Years

The stigma of plastic surgery is going away. A lot of that is because of better education. But some of it is also because plastic surgery itself has changed over the years.

The big vogue in plastic surgery now is the “natural look.” It might seem like common sense, but it’s true: people want to get fuller breasts and plumper lips and have their friends just not notice.

In many ways, this change has occurred because of technology. The frank truth is this: plastic surgery today is better than it’s ever been.

Complementary Procedures

Getting a natural look from plastic surgery is in so many ways about avoiding the uncanny valley. Your brain is designed to notice things that are a bit off.

That’s why so many procedures that people used to get are now being paired with complementary procedures to make sure the brain knows all is well.

If you get a facelift, you’ll also receive some form of volume replacement.

Less Is More and More Is More

A new way of looking at plastic surgery is noticing where you need more and where you need less.

It’s a much more holistic way of looking at the body, but also minimalist.

Rather than reshaping, it’s about figuring out where you can take a bit away or add a bit more for maximum effect.

More and more options

Back in the day, if you wanted breast augmentation the only option was silicone implants and saline implants.

Now there are other types, but also other aims for the procedure.

Rather than just having larger breasts, women can choose to get breast augmentation with the aim of getting a “fuller” look.

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