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Learn More About the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure below:

A buttock lift plastic surgery procedure improves the contours of the buttocks. A buttock lift is usually accomplished through augmentation or enlargement of the buttocks with silicone implants or fat grafting from another part of the body. Dr. Lynch’s preferred method is with fat grafting, commonly called fat transfer. Many know this procedure as “The Brazilian Butt Lift” which has been popularized in the United States and fashioned after buttock augmentation performed in Brazil.

With the aging process, most people will lose fullness in the buttocks and experience some degree of dropping (ptosis). Almost all buttocks look more youthful and curvaceous with some added volume from fat transfer. The placement of the fat will predict what the shape of buttocks will be and how much of a lift you will get.

*actual patient

Fat transferred from other parts of the body (mainly low back, flanks, abdomen and thighs) into the buttocks has a survival rate of about 60%. This means that a considerable amount of fat is needed to complete the procedure. In order to be a candidate for fat transfer you must have a donor site and usually more than one site so that the procedure will be worth your while. If you have enough available fat, it is harvested by liposuction. This fat is then transferred by injection with a small cannula to the desired areas of the buttock for augmentation. Transferring fat cells from those areas to the buttock will cause your rear end to look like it has been lifted up and more curvaceous. The results can look very natural and the extra benefit is that you will be able to contour another area where fat is less desirable.

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