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Are you looking for nipple inversion correction surgery? Washingtonian TOP Doctor, Sheilah A. Lynch, MD comes highly recommended to help you. Cosmetic nipple or areola surgery is a term to describe any surgical technique that changes the appearance of the nipple and areola. With all cosmetic breast procedures Dr. Sheilah A. Lynch always tries to preserve the nerves, blood vessels, and (female) milk ducts so that sensation and the ability to breastfeed are maintained.

Like most people with breast appearance issues, your confidence can revolve around the look of your breasts or chest area. As nipples are an essential feature, if they are inverted, asymmetrical, misshapen or disproportionately small, it can often throw off the entire look of your upper body. Being self-conscious about the way your nipples appear, breast plastic surgery correction is available.

Maryland Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Sheilah A. Lynch offers nipple augmentation to both men & women looking to create a more aesthetically natural appearance to their breasts / chest. Helping you feel better about this condition by providing a simple, yet safe operation to correct this potentially embarrassing problem.

Different Types Of Nipple Surgery:

Asymmetric Nipples / Areolas

Have you ever heard the statement “breasts are like sisters but they are not twins? We also think it would be awesome if at least breasts looked like they are from the same family!!

Most people have some type of breast asymmetry. Asymmetry of the nipples usually is more noticeable and can create embarrassment. The options to correct this condition will depend on each patient’s case. Usually, the core nipple tissue must be reshaped to improve its contour and symmetry.

The surgical procedures used to correct nipple / areola asymmetry typically need to be combined with the other following surgical options such as a breast lift, reduction or augmentation – these often also involve correction of the position of the nipple and areola in combination.

Enlarged Nipple Revision

We understand that discomfort and embarrassment can result from large nipple height. Nipple revision surgery is a safe surgical procedure that corrects your nipple shape and size to improve your breast appearance. This surgery

involves a horizontal incision to the outer portion of the non-erect nipple to remove the unwanted nipple height. It can reduce the height of your nipples to make them smaller and look less prominent.

Enlarged or Puffy Areolas

When you look at your breasts/ chest the pigmented area around your nipple is called the areola. This area can become puffy or wider with age, weight gain, hormonal imbalances, pregnancy and breast feeding. In some cases, if the areola becomes asymmetrical in size and shape, this can make the breasts look lopsided. If you have excessive widening of the areola, this condition can be corrected with a reduction procedure, to make the areolas the same size. This simple procedure basically uses a “cookie cutter” approach to make a circle around the nipple of the desired size, and then removes the excess skin. You will have a circular scar around the perimeter of your new areolas, that usually heals well.

Inverted Nipples

Inverted nipples are a common problem. Generally, this condition occurs when the nipple does not project forward normally because the ducts leading to the nipple are overly tight. This causes the nipple to be pulled back into the surrounding areola. In severe cases, there can be a depression at the center of the areola. In rare cases, inverted nipples can also happen in men.

Unfortunately, breast nipple correction surgery is considered to be a cosmetic procedure and therefore is not covered by health insurance. To find out more about our plastic surgery payment plans and financing options, please CLICK HERE to contact our patient care surgical coordinator.

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