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Are You Having Issues With Your Breast Implants?

Reasons for receiving breast implant revision or removal vary. The most common
problem that requires breast implant replacement is the build-up of scar tissue surrounding the implant called capsular contracture. If your breasts start to look distorted and possibly feel painful, it’s important to see Dr. Sheilah A. Lynch as soon as possible for this possible condition as breast implants can rupture.
What Is A Breast Capsular Contracture??
Even though breast implants have drastically improved over the years, some patients unfortunately will develop a capsular contracture in one or both breasts. This condition happens when the scar tissue that forms around the breast implant becomes hard and painful. Forming scar tissue is your body’s way to defend itself with this natural response to the presence of any foreign matter. With breast implants, post surgery, your body will create a barrier of scar tissue around your implant to wall it off and protect it from the rest of your body. This barrier, or capsule, in most cases is soft, flexible, and barely noticeable. Sometimes, when forming, it can do the opposite becoming hard and painful. Think of this like a hard shell developing around your implant that may subsequently start distorting the appearance of your breast. Capsular contracture means essentially a tightening or contracting of this scar tissue.


If you are experiencing symptoms usually they appear gradually. Beginning with a feeling of mild tightening, and as contracture increases, you may start to see your breast appearing misshapen, unusual firmness, pressure possibly followed by pain.


Fortunately, Dr. Lynch has effective ways to remove the scar tissue and restore the appearance of your breast as well as eliminate uncomfortable symptoms that generally accompany this condition.
Correcting A Capsular Contracture
Surgical Procedures:
1. Capsulectomy
Removing the capsule and implant by replacing breast implant(s) and possible pocket change to the “neosubpectoral pocket”
2. Capsulotomy
Partially releasing the capsule, allowing the breast implant to settle better.
What Does That Mean?

There are several issues that may cause a capsular contracture including a low grade bacterial infection, hematoma (blood pooled in the breast pocket), or a seroma (fluid collected in the breast pocket).

Medical studies have found that sometimes breast implants made with textured surfaces can be more protective against capsular contracture complications, than an implant with a smooth surface, but textured surfaces also come with a higher risk of infection.

Breast implants are foreign bodies, they don’t have a defense mechanism against infection. Rather than placing the breast implants above the muscle, but below it, this surgical  technique of placing the implant under the pectoral muscle can often reduce the risk of capsular contracture. This happens because of  the constant massaging action of the pectoralis muscle, the downside, it can also lead to pain in the healing process due to the unnatural position of the implant. Generally, exercises or massage can be helpful after breast augmentation surgery to break up hardening scar tissue. It’s impossible to prevent the development of an implant capsule altogether, as scar tissue is part of your body’s natural healing process.


Maryland board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Sheilah A. Lynch can correct your capsular contracture by removing the infected breast implant. Depending on the severity of your condition this can be a meticulous and time-consuming procedure.

A complete capsulectomy requires removing the entire capsular infection, that may be attached to your chest wall, ribs, which can possibly damage surrounding structures including the lung. A partial capsulectomy removes only parts of the capsule, leaving the implants in place.

A capsulotomy is when the capsule is broken up to release the tightness and pressure, while not removing anything – an example of this is like cracking a shell but not removing any of the shell itself. This procedure will allow the breast implant in most cases to settle down and correct the appearance.

Other Reasons To Remove Your Breast Implants
Another reason to replace your breast implants could be that your body may have changed with having children or menopause, leaving your breasts that they are too large, uncomfortable or droopy.


Breast implant removal surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. Depending on your situation it can take between one to three hours.

The common breast implant removal surgery procedures are:

  1. Breast Implant Removal Only

Small incisions will be made in the same place where your prior surgery was performed.  If you have a capsular contracture, Dr. Lynch will discuss your options to treat this condition.

  1. Breast Implant Removal With A Breast Lift

Another choice is a breast lift with or without new implants.If  your breast skin has been stretched or is sagging, Dr. Lynch can remove any excess breast skin and tighten your breast tissue to provide better support.

3. Breast Implant Removal and Replacement

Dr. Lynch can remove your existing breast implants as replace them with new ones.

Did You Know??
In the United States, breast augmentation continues to be the most popular plastic surgery
procedure. With every year, the numbers increase, as it is estimated that 4% of all American
women have breast implants; that’s one in 26, representing millions of  women. The second most popular surgery is brazilian butt lift.
Breast implant revision or replacement can be a complex issue.
If you have breast implant concerns the best approach is to schedule a private, confidential consultation with Maryland Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, with Sheilah A. Lynch, MD., who can discuss your options for the best possible outcome.

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