Botox for Depression

Allergan Pushing for Botox to Be FDA Approved for Depression

Botox has, surprisingly, turned out to be a sort of miracle treatment. In addition to erasing those forehead wrinkles, doctors use Botox to stop migraines, help overactive bladders and stop excessive sweating.

Now Allergan–which is the company that manufactures Botox–is trying to get it FDA Approved for an until now little known use of the drug: treating depression.

Reducing the Sad Signal

When patients are injected with Botox, the neurotoxin is injected into a set of nerves that signal frowning.

Botox has notoriously made it hard for patients to smile. But now doctors inject Botox in such a way that makes it hard to frown.

Some doctors suggest that Botox reduces these nerves’ signals to the brain. Some believe that this makes the patients happier directly and not just from the self-esteem boost they got from Botox.

Simply put, it goes both ways. It’s not just that the emotions you show on your face reflect what’s going on. It’s also that what’s going on inside you reflects what you’re showing on your face.

Does the Data Bear Out?

Many studies in the past have shown that Botox has correlated to an anti-depressant effect. Interestingly, though, in the late stage clinical trial conducted by Allergan, it seemed to have the opposite effect.

In the study, the doctors gave women 30 units of Botox, 50 units of Botox, or a placebo.

The happiness effect was highest with the placebo, and lowest with the 50 unit dose.

Allergan Still Pushing

However, Allergan doesn’t believe that this one study shows the reality.

Numerous previous studies seem to show Botox’s anti-depressant effect, and show with surprising consistency its ability to make people happier.

Therefore, Allergan believes that all in all, the evidence shows Botox can be an effective anti-depressant. Only time, and further studies, can show whether it really works.

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