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AviClear – Acne Laser

AviClear – Acne Laser

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AviClear | Laser Treatment for Mild to Severe Acne

At Lynch plastic surgery, we now offer an acne laster treatment called AviClear by Cutera.

AVI Clear Acne Laser is the only FDA-approved laser of its kind. It works by targeting the source of the oil on your skin without the use of topical or oral acne medications. This unique laser technology with the wavelength it uses, reduces the oil glands (sebaceous glands) in the skin.  Lynch Plastic Surgery is one of the few practices in Chevy Chase, Maryland to offer this revolutionary acne laser treatment system.

Bridey Shantany - Avi Clear - Acne Laser Chevy Chase Maryland


Safe, Long Lasting, Laser Treatment With Minimal Downtime.


Experience beautiful, smooth skin with less acne. Contact Our Expert Skin Facial Specialists At Lynch Plastic Surgery Today.

What is the AviClear Laser?

What is the AVI Clear Acne Laser?

AviClear Laser works by selectively targeting the oil glands of your skin, so that they produce less oil and with time, you will see less acne breakouts. This laser treatment does this without damaging the rest of the skin, Regardless of what type of acne you have, it’s very effective at treating moderate to severe acne. Less acne will likely mean less scarring down the road.

The laser treatment, which is safe for all skin tones, uses a 1726-nanometer wavelength to address the source of breakouts.

What to Expect During the AviClear Treatment

During the treatment, some of our patients notice a slight snapping sensation, and the pleasant feeling of the laser’s skin cooling and sensory control as it maintains their skin’s temperature making the treatment more comfortable. Aside from this. the side-effects reported are virtually none.

AviClear is a laser procedure preformed at our office, the treatment doesn’t require prescription or over-the-counter topical creams, oral medications. Patients avoid using chemicals, antibiotics, and difficult regimens.

After a series of 3 (thirty minute treatments) of the AviClear acne laser (once a month for three consecutive months), you should expect to see an drastic improvement in your skin’s appearance. The AviClear uses a 1726nm wavelength (a type of laser frequency) to treat your skin glands so they produce less sebum. This helps to make your current and future breakouts shorter, less intense, and less frequent.

Bridey Shantany - Avi Clear - Acne Laser Chevy Chase Maryland

Washingtonian TOP Doctor, Sheilah A. Lynch, MD  would like you to discover the acne fighting power in the new AviClear Laser. It is safe, comfortable, and a drug-free way to clear acne with the power of light!  She is an expert in this laser-assisted procedure.

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Safe, Skin Improving Treatment With Minimal Downtime

Experience a beautiful, flawless or restored appearance with Leading Facial Specialist, Maryland Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Sheilah. A. Lynch, MD.

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How The AVI Laser
Can Help You

The AVIClear laser treats your active acne and helps prevent future breakouts by suppressing the oil glands responsible for sebum overproduction. These treatments have been shown in clinical trials to improve all acne types and severities, for patients of all ages and skin tones.

This laser treatment can also reduces pore size and fine lines.

The contact-cooling technology on this devise, AviCool, makes laser acne treatments relatively painless.

Simple 30-minute sessions. There’s little to no downtime with the AviClear laser; you can return to your normal activities after your treatment.

Results are long-lasting. Effectively treats active acne and prevents new breakouts, which can reduce acne scars.

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