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4 Easy Secrets to Great Skin (From a Hollywood Star!)

It’s easy to think that the great skin of Hollywood actresses just comes naturally.

But, the fact is that our favorite actors and actresses have to take care of their skin just like the rest of us.

They might have professionals helping them along the way, but there’s no reason they can’t share their secrets to great skin with the rest of us.

Cate Blanchett shares some of her secrets with us.

Secret 1: Mask and Sunscreen!

Your parents were right. The best thing you can do for your skin is to put sunscreen on it to keep UV rays from damaging it. Besides that, use masks to remove impurities and hydrate your skin.

It’s crazy, but sometimes simple works best. The real secret here is that there’s not much of a secret besides actually doing it.

Even though we know that it’s important to protect our skin and keep it hydrated, we often don’t do it. It can be hard to keep up with self care when it needs to be done every day.

Which brings up the second point…

Secret 2: Consistency!

Do what you can to be consistent. The more you keep to it, the better your results.

It’s important, for example, to put on sunscreen even on cloudy days.

Cate Blanchett makes a point of saying she uses SK-II every day–and that it’s kept her skin great through four kids.

Secret 3: Take Your Vitamins

This one’s a bit weirder. Taking your vitamins is necessary for taking care of your skin.

Particularly Vitamin A, which you’ll sometimes see in topical products. These vitamins are the building blocks for collagen synthesis, which keeps your skin looking rejuvenated.

Secret 4: No Pressure!

But the real secret, Cate says, is doing what you do to look the best you can.

Ignore the naysayers. Or as she puts it, “the invisible people talking on the Internet.”

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